You’d be surprised what you can do with different colour palette combinations! I mentioned earlier in the month that we would be looking at different palettes featuring Colour #48. Today we are highlighting how this colour combination looks when you pair it with a completely different colour palette, like light blue.

Colour #48 is a blend of olive green, burgundy and golden brown. With this in mind, it’s surprising to pair this with a colour like blue. In fact, it does not necessarily come to mind as one of your first choices.

If you know a bit about colour theory, then you will already know that orange is the complementary of blue. There is a golden brown which reads as an orange golden brown which I believe makes this palette work.

What Different Colour Palette Combinations Did We Use

The sample measures about 2 ½ inches on 18 count mono canvas. There is no pattern as Dominique made it up as she stitched. She started with a Jessica in the middle stitched with colour 175. She repeated this colour for the scotch stitches and used colour 48 for the double leviathan.

Here Is A List Of All The Colours Used:

This is an excellent blend if you cross-stitch. I’ve had a number of customers use it with great results for some of the annual SAL’s (stitch a longs). I suggest you add it to your stash.

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