NEEDLEPOINT; fall walk, colour complements

A lovely interpretation of my Fall Walk NEEDLEPOINT pattern stitched with some of my spring collection colours.

Some of you may remember last fall when I introduced my fall collection, I had Sue Dulle create an original design for Colour Complements.  You may recognize Sue’s name as she has designed several “freebies” offered on the Rainbow Gallery site.  Thank you Sue!

Johanna, one of the Victoria stitch group took an interesting approach in interpreting the design as an aerial view of a sculpted garden.  She used Colour Complements Colour #50 size 5 perle to express the outer floral border and Colour Complements Colour #51 in floss for the inner floral border. The green borders represent the grass borders or these could be a low boxwood hedge border in a more formal garden.  She felt a variegated green may have been a better choice for the borders but she opted to go with what she had in her stash.  Always a joy to see and hear how each stitcher interprets a design.  Thank you Johanna. 

You can read the original Fall Walk post on my blog HERE. If you are interested in the kit you will find it HERE.

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