Several weeks ago I shared a post about COLOUR INSPIRATION.  This is another photo courtesy of Pixaby.  I am sharing this today as it demonstrates “values” of colour.  As many of you are already aware, value plays an important role in embroidery.  Value is defined as “the lightness or darkness of a colour.  When referring to pigments, dark values with black are called “shades”.  Light values with white are called “tints”.  I learned a lot about values in my painting days.

I use value every day I dye my threads.  When I purchase new dyes, I always dye up some small samples of values of the colour.  This helps me later on when I want to create a new colour combination.  It is always exciting to see the results and even more so when I start to blend various colours together. 

You can read my previous post about colour inspiration HERE

Recently, I have been experimenting with some darker “shades” for my fall collection.  You’ll have to wait and see…..

AND even more inspiration in the SHOP.

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