Today, I’d like to share another example of creating embellishments with nylon lace. It draws from some of the work we initially featured, which illustrates how to use lace and nylon lace in crazy quilting. Both draw from very similar techniques, but you’ll see how different the outcome can be in this post!

When I began crazy quilting many years ago, I didn’t know the best options for lace. I picked up a lot of nylon lace in thrift stores and had some in my existing stash. I quickly learned that my preference was cotton or rayon laces as they accepted the dyes I used efficiently, so I had the option of dyeing them if I wished.

How to create Embellishments with Nylon Lace

In the example above, I applied the lace over a seam with the majority width of the lace on the top of the seam and only a tiny portion on the bottom.

I often use a fusible to ensure my lace stays in place, then apply my embellishing, further securing it. I took advantage of the designs within the lace and added French knots in the center of the florals.

I added cross stitches in between and detached chain and straight stitches at the top. At the bottom, I added half circles in the chain and stem stitch. Embellishing was completed with scattering beads.

Once again, my rose motif is in the top right corner, completed in the workshop I took. In the bottom right, I’ve overlaid a seam with a ribbon and embellished it with various silk ribbon roses/leaves and gathered ribbon flowers. The background fabrics are cotton and hand-dyed silk.

It is a busy section of a block! So, if you have some nylon lace in your stash, hopefully, I’ve provided you with an idea of how you may use it.

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