Let’s talk more about button clusters in crazy quilting today. What can I say, I LOVE them!

We all have a button jar!  Well, perhaps it is not a jar.  I have a bin.  Some of you may have a box.  Whatever your storage solution, it just always seems we have collections of buttons.  Crazy quilters always have buttons.  They are a staple so to speak.

I was first introduced to button clusters on Sharon Boggon’s blog.  This was in the early stages of my crazy quilting adventure.  I find since I have such a large collection of buttons, I tend to add one cluster to every block in my CQ.

The key to button clusters in crazy quilting

  • Use an odd number of buttons
  • Vary the size, colour and texture
  • Add at least one charm
  • Add beads if you wish

In the cluster above I have used one larger button near the bottom stitched in place with a piece of ribbon.  All of the other button choices were selected because of either texture or size.  Hint – when you travel (hopefully again soon) it is great fun to search for buttons.  They take up very little space in your suitcase.  Several of these buttons were from Paris and one from Czechoslovakia too.

Once all your buttons are sewn in place I start adding additional stitching, beads and silk ribbon leaves to fill in the gaps.  There is even an individual earring I picked up in a thrift store added to this one. 

Now would be a good time to re-visit your button jar and start experimenting with some button clusters in your crazy quilting! AND, if you want some threads to add to your stash, visit my SHOP.

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