This month we are featuring a RED stitch sample video. Colour #187 is a beautiful blend of reds and orange/reds, ideal for your seasonal stitching.

Throughout this month, we have been focusing on red and green in celebration of the holiday season. I dyed Colour #187 many years ago, and it has been popular ever since, especially for holiday stitching! For a traditional seasonal palette, try adding Colour #184 or Colour #18. You can even blend both colours to give your pattern more depth!

Add some texture and don’t forget your metallics, and you should manage a beautiful Christmas palette.

More About Our Red Stitch Sample Video

In the video, I am stitching a framed star stitch on an 18-count mono canvas. I started using size 5 Perle cotton but I found since this is an eye style stitch, it was my view that this looked better using a small size 8 Perle. You can see the comparison and choose what you prefer for your own stitching.

I always prefer to see a “visual” of my colours, so a video is an excellent option. For reference, you will find this stitch in the Stitches Volume 2 by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. 

I hope you enjoy the video and pick up some RED for your seasonal stitching.

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