Since we are focusing on the colour green this month, I would like to share this green blend colour feature — Colour #55. 

The pattern shown in the post was created using this colour. It is a beautiful blend of light to medium values of green.

Personally, I think the colour green should be a part of every stitcher’s stash — it is such a versatile colour that can be used virtually for any project and throughout the seasons.

Green can be used throughout Spring and Summer-inspired stitching projects as it’s the perfect colour to highlight flower stems, blooms and garden-like scenery. It makes for a great colour during Fall projects to highlight the slightly turning leaves and is a key colour for holiday stitching.

You really can’t go wrong with having a few shades of green in your collection! Colour #55 is a great choice to have in your stash due to the perfect balance of “cool” and “warm” shades of green. Depending on what you’re stitching you can see both blending together to create a very neutral green.

If you are following my blog this year, you will start to see a number of cross-stitch samples featuring elements taken from patterns by 2×2 Stitch Art.  Ilana has a wonderful selection of cross-stitch patterns so make sure you visit her Etsy shop. 

 More Details About This Cross-Stitch Sample  

This is a very small section from Sampler #122.  It measures approximately 3 inches on an ivory 28 count linen.  Two strands of Colour #55 floss were used.

As you can see, even with just the two strands, the pattern is multi-dimensional and balanced. There’s enough space for you to appreciate the small and intricate details of this stitching. No detail gets lost!

At first glance, you might think that this pattern is leaning towards being more of a snowflake than anything. But as mentioned previously, because it was stitched using the colour green, you can use this type of pattern for larger, non-winter or seasonal projects.

I hope you enjoyed this green colour feature and happy stitching!

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