Our needlepoint sample today showcases a beautiful brown needlepoint pattern. Brown is one of two colours I’m featuring this month. Brown is such a beautiful, organic and earthy shade.

As I mentioned previously, I think brown can look beautiful depending on the colours you surround it with. It’s a great neutral shade that can be blended into any project, especially ones inspired by nature.  

Our sample today is combines elements of two different patterns. One pattern is featured in the September/October 2020 issue of Needlepoint Now. It is designed by Canadian designer Carolyn Mitchell Designs. The pattern is a cruise pocket but we have modified it as a 3 ½ inch sample stitched on 18 count mono canvas.

Dominique stitched the central part of the design and added borders from Margaret Bendig’s Express Kimono pattern. This is a great example of combining stitches from different patterns.

More About This Brown Needlepoint Sample

The following colours are featured in the sample, all in size 5 perle cotton

So, what do you think of the brown needlepoint in the sample? Do you like it?

I think Colour #35 which is a brown and green blend looks beautiful next to Colour #55 which is a blend of greens.

Have we inspired you to start stitching?

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