Last year Dominique had mentioned she wanted to experiment with some stained glass hearts. 

She had an idea but really hadn’t decided how to execute it at that time. Since she had been stitching a number of cross stitch samples using my threads, she had accumulated quite a collection of leftover length of flosses.  Her idea involved coming up with a slightly different design to use up these bits, while also creating the effect of stained glass.

A Closer Look At The Stained Glass Hearts

With that, she created a beautiful collection of stained glass hearts.  All are randomly stitched with floss. The pattern is created by stitching lines using a solid colour floss, either black or dark green. The pattern develops by using various colours of floss while also being careful of the placement (to create that unique stained glass effect).    

I must admit, after seeing the results, these are some of my favourite designs to date!

If your preference is to stitch with size 5 Perle cotton, here are a few options on my website. While the pattern looks quite intricate, in reality, these designs are excellent for beginner stitchers. 

You don’t necessarily need to stitch using a heart shape neither. Diamonds, squares, octagons, triangles or other shapes are perfect as well! What about stitching some triangular shape Christmas tree ornaments? Or, perhaps some gift tags? 

This is just another great way to use your left-over stash! 

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