Last week we featured our first sample and today is our second sample. Once again we are featuring all three colours in our colour series this month. For this sample, we played with a different colour placement from the first sample.

In this particular case, Colour #45 was used in the lower left, Colour #46 in the lower right and Colour #33 in the top two boxes along with a solid turquoise floss.  Beads were added to the top right box as an accent.

I discussed in my blog post last week that each of the samples I’m featuring this month is a small section of a pattern designed by Debbie Rowley called Spring 9 Patch.

You will find the pattern in the March/April 2021 issue of Needlepoint Now.

What Colours We Used For This Version Of The Colour Placement

All three samples are stitched on 18 count mono canvas using 3 strands of cotton floss. The overall design measure 6 inches square but our samples are only 2 ½ inches.

 Each of the samples features three colours

The colour is subtle in the sample above demonstrating how different colour placement can offer unique results. 

Stay tuned for the last sample in this series next week!

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