This month I am introducing my summer collection, featuring one of my favourite colours – LIME GREEN! I’ve had a passion for lime green since I started needlework.

While lime green is most often seen as the colour of the skin of a lime, it has always given me the impression of freshness, liveliness and creativity. I think of it as high energy! I love adding a pop of lime green to a project, to my eye it simply makes the project come alive. 

Lime green is a combination of green and yellow and it is BOLD!

The complementary of lime green is purple and I know many of you will think of Halloween when I mention this colour scheme. A great analogous scheme features lime green, green and yellow – a citrus theme! What about yellow, green and blue? How about fuchsia?

As always, the colour options are endless.

Different Variations Of Lime Greens In This Colour Feature

My summer collection features three new colour combinations, two of which include lime green.

Colour #80 = lime green, pale orange and pale yellow

Colour #81 = lime green and aqua

Colour #82 = very subtle variations of aqua, almost a solid

Some of you will find Colour #81 similar to Colour #46.  Colour 46 is lighter and a blend of turquoise and lemon/lime while Colour #81 is lime green and aqua.

Throughout the month we will be sharing various samples stitched with the new summer collection. Hopefully, we will inspire you to stitch with some lime green yourself!  Stay tuned for the first sample on Friday.

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