It’s that time of year again for some spring colour!  While our winter here on the west coast has been relatively mild other than snow mid February, I think we could use a little colour about now! Time to jump into spring!

Four new colours to celebrate the season. My inspiration for this collection was sherbet!  Yes, you read it correctly!  I’ve mentioned before inspiration comes from many sources.  I was grocery shopping in the frozen section one day and the sherbet arranged neatly on the freezer shelf caught my eye. It brought back childhood memories.

Just in case you don’t know, sherbet is a frozen desert similar to ice cream but lighter.  You can get a variety of flavours but I was initially thinking of the rainbow flavour which comes in pink, green and yellow for this palette.  On a sideline, all are yummy but especially like the lime! 

When I dye my collections, I like to start with a main colour so colour #70 is my rainbow sherbet.  It is a gorgeous blend of pale green, aqua, coral pink and yellow.  My second colour is #71, a blend of aqua and mint green.  I added colour #72 which are lighter values of coral pink and #73 which is a blend of lighter turquoise and aquas. Just a quick note that colour 72 appears quite coral in some lights and far more pink in others.

All four colours would work well in a project but are particularly beautiful combined with various values of solids and metallics in green, aqua, coral and yellow.  Ohhhh, will need to get busy with an Eye for Colour video!

Over the next month, I will be sharing various needlepoint and cross stitch samples showcasing how these colours appear when stitched in various designs.  I hope you will join me. In the interim, visit the shop to check out these gorgeous colours.


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