Another CHORUS OF COLOURS today!  Just a reminder that my CHORUS OF COLOURS series will focus on a selection of coordinating colours that work well in canvas projects but please recognize that you could use these palettes for any needlework project of your choice.  **These are my personal suggestions only and naturally there are always many different combinations that would look equally beautiful.

My focus colour for this palette was Colour #30 which was introduced as part of my summer palette last year.  It is absolutely stunning and I am thrilled with the way it turned out.  A BOLD blend of golden yellow, lighter yellow and pink.  You could easily go lighter with pinks or yellows in pastel tones but I chose a richer combination with Colour #10.  Colour #1 which is a very light blend of colour #30 offers a lovely contrast.

On this occasion, I opted to forgo any sparkle but again you could add any of the Kreinik 1/16” ribbon or Kreinik Size 8 braid in oranges or pinks which would look great.

I will be sharing a project on Friday using this Chorus of Colours so stay tuned.

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