We are celebrating the colour PURPLE throughout the month of April.

Welcoming April means welcoming spring here on the west coast. When I thought about what colour to choose for my monthly Colour Feature Series, I could easily have chosen pink, yellows or greens. BUT, I opted to select the colour purple as it reminds me of Easter eggs and flowers. 

In creating a palette with purple, I feel like it should be a palette that jumps out!

After being cooped up all winter, the arrival of Spring means it’s time to get outdoors, perhaps try something new. So let’s take an adventure with the colour purple. Think of a rich amethyst or perhaps a light lilac. If you are in France, how about fields of lavender?

This colour symbolizes independence and dignity and was once considered a royal colour. It also symbolizes wisdom, power and nobility.

When selecting a colour palette for stitching, one of my favourites are complementary colours, those opposite one another on the colour wheel. So, we could combine purple with yellow then add orange and green. St. Margaret’s Star is an example of a complementary colour scheme.

Another option may be an analogous theme, three colours next to one another on the colour wheel. An example would be purple, red and blue-violet.

What colours of purple are in the shop

Colour #51 is a blend of lighter lavender and light red-violet.

Colour #183 is a blend of purples and a very popular colour. Given there are various purples in this colour, it works well with a variety of purples.

Colour #186 – this is a combination of purple, blue and teal. Quite striking!

Floche Colour #1 is lavenders and colour 2 is a blend of purples

Throughout the month we will be sharing various samples, some of which will include lavender and purples. You might like to pick up some purples so stop by the shop.

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