Welcome to 2022! Since we are starting a new year, I thought it would be a good time to introduce a new colour feature series for the blog.  My world is all about colour so my plan is to post about a feature colour each month, showcasing stitched samples of that colour.

Seasonally, January is winter on the west coast so I thought it only fitting for BLUE to be the colour feature for this month.  After all, some of you no doubt experience “winter blues”!  Many, but not all of my posts this month will feature blue BUT not the same blue! I’ll be showing various blues I carry in my product line AND different samples and palettes. 

What Should You Know About our Feature Colour, BLUE

Blue is a cool colour and sets a calming and relaxing mood. Expressions such as a clear blue sky come to mind or winter blues or the deep blue sea! Some lighter shades of blue including sky and azure are fantastic to use in your needlework projects. If your preference is darker blues, perhaps ultramarine, cobalt, navy or Prussian come to mind. 

If you wanted to focus on a serene mood what about choosing a monochromatic palette using various shades, tints and tones of blue? Colour #28 and #175 would be good starting blends. A complementary colour combination (opposites on the colour wheel) could be created by adding orange like Colour #36.

Alternatively, you can also create an analogous colour scheme (this involves three colours next to one another on the colour wheel). In this case, the analogous colour combination for this colour feature would be blue, blue-violet and violet. Colours #28, #186, #69 are great examples to choose from.

About Colour Complements Blues

I feature three variations of blues in my product line. 

  • Colour #14 was inspired by the ocean so while it does contain various blues, it also contains green
  • Colour #28 – medium to darker values of teal blues
  • Colour #175 – lighter variations of blues

All these colours are available in the shop in three sizes of Perle cotton and 6 strand cotton floss.

Keep your eyes peeled as we highlight more features of BLUE throughout the month. 

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