Today’s video features Colour #79, one of my new spring colour combinations. It is a lighter blend of pink, orange and lavender/blue. While I dyed this as part of my spring collection, I feel it could easily be used in any spring, summer or fall palette. Yes, you read that right — FALL!

Colour #79 works beautifully when combined with my new bold pink, Colour #78! Add perhaps some yellow, blues and orange and you have either a spring or summer palette. You can also add a dash of green to break up this bright colour combination.

For a fall palette, why not experiment and try it with a toned blue and orange? Or what about adding golden brown? I have a sample stitched up with a copper metallic coming up later this month.

The Stitch Pattern Used for this Spring Colour Combinations

In the video, I am stitching a star filling stitch on an 18-count mono canvas using a Size 5 Perle cotton. If you are familiar with my stitch sample blogs, I usually like to show my colour combinations stitched in a sample to give you a “visual” of the colour blend.

For reference, you will find the stitch in the Stitches Book Volume One by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. These books are ones that I like to use for my stitch samples as the diagrams are very easy to follow.

I hope you enjoy the video. I think you will want to add Colour #79 to your stash!

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