I’d like to start my foundation stitch series featuring the blanket stitch.  There are a number of variations of this stitch that I will be sharing in future posts but today we are starting with a very basic blanket stitch.  This stitch is also known as a buttonhole stitch.

Let’s talk a bit about how I stitched this seam treatment

How To Stitch This Blanket Stitch Seam Treatment

Since I am featuring “blues” this month, I started this foundation stitch using a size 8 Perle cotton in Colour #175 which is a blend of light blues.

I then accented with French knots in a size 8 perle cotton in Colour #74 which contrasts nicely as it is a blend of blues and orange. This was followed with the addition of a brad between the French knots, again for contrast.

I opted on this occasion not to use beads as there is a metallic trim at the base of this seam so I felt there was enough “bling”!

In between the “spokes” I have used hand-dyed silk ribbon and created ribbon roses. These are also sometimes referred to as cheater roses. Simply Google this term and you should manage to find some tutorials on how to create these. No two ever turn out the same! The centers of the roses are accented with a French knot using Colour #175.

What do you need to stitch this seam treatment?

  • A diagram for the blanket stitch is included in the photo
  • Blanket stitch – Colour #175, size 8 Perle cotton
  • French Knots – Colour #74, size 8 Perle cotton
  • Brads, 7 mm silk ribbon – both are available for purchase through online shops

If you would like to see a video of the blanket stitch, check out Needle ‘N Thread

I hope you give the blanket stitch a try. Remember, you can use what YOU have in your stash! Stay tuned for my next seam treatment.  

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