Our Temari ball this month is a bright and colourful blend. Once again, Verna has used a black metallic background at my request. I like the black metallic as it looks beautiful on a Christmas tree with the lights reflecting off it. Combined with the other bright colours, it makes for a showstopping piece!

The pattern is a smaller version of Barbara Seuss’ design called Raulston Rose. It is a combination 8 division. I’ve talked about an 8 division previously. It is a fundamental way to divide and mark a Temari ball for embroidery. Each ball has a north and south pole and equator. This is created by dividing the equator into eight sections. Many Temari designs feature an 8 division.

Colours used to create this bright colourful temari ball

We chose colours that would pop in front of the black background. Because we also used metallic thread, we carefully chose shades that complement this glimmer finish rather than overpower it. Here were the colours used in the design:

While we have featured this palette in our Temari ball, remember you could easily use the same palette for your needlework. As I always say, experiment with colour, have fun and be creative!

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