If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may have recalled a few posts that offer needlework ideas for embellishing gifts. Today, I’d like to re-visit one of the ideas using leftover bits of threads.

It would be an ideal project for kids or grandkids to do over the holidays for a break in festive activities!

I originally came up with the samples above after Kathleen who I feature on my blog came to a wool applique workshop with some very small washers she had wrapped. Of course, as with all workshops, lots of lively discussions followed and I proceeded to experiment. 

The base of several of the samples shown above is curtain rings which I had picked up at the thrift store at one time. The “Christmas” ring started with a small wooden ring I had.  Other options would be small grapevine wreaths.

You are sure to find something at your local dollar store or online. Here is one option.

I started by simply wrapping one of the rings with a metallic shown at the top and finished by adding a bead. Then I moved onto different size threads using buttonhole stitch for another three of the rings. 

After these were completed I started playing some more.

Embellishing Gift Ideas: How To Create Some Christmas Rings

I started with a slightly larger wooden ring which I wrapped with a scrap of eyelash yarn.  I think if I were to try this again I’d use a brighter lime green yarn!  I then printed up the word Christmas on a piece of cardstock, cut this out and inked the edges with brown ink.  I wanted to give a vintage appearance. This was attached with glue. 

While all the samples shown above are small, I also ended up wrapping a slightly larger grapevine wreath with wool. Opportunities are endless. Any hollow circular shape will work!

Have fun with embellishing your gifts and be creative with what you come up with.

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