Today’s stitch sample video features a beautiful palette of fall colours, Colour #75, one of the new colours from my fall collection.  

Several years ago I posted a series of Christmas ornaments from a pattern by Laura Perin called Jewel Box. At the time one of these samples highlighted a palette of yellow, blue, green and orange. If you would like to see the sample you will find it in a previous blog post on this feed.

I was quite delighted with the result at the time so I decided to dye a combination for this year’s fall collection. Colour #75 is a blend of golden yellow, orange and green – which resulted in beautiful fall colours.  

I opted not to add a blue as I feel Colour #175 would be a great addition if you were to create a palette for a project. 

It is my hope that you find this colour combination quite versatile. While I think it will look fabulous for fall themed projects, I could easily envision it with either spring or summer colours.

More details in today’s fall colours stitch sample

I am stitching on 18-count mono canvas in a Size 5 Perle cotton in today’s video.

The stitch is a souffle stitch. You will find a diagram for this stitch in Volume 1 of the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. I generally reference these books as the diagrams are easy to follow.

On Friday I will be sharing a stitched sample showcasing Colour #75 AND throughout the month I’ll be sharing samples of ALL our fall collection colours.  Will they inspire you – hope so!

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