Have you seen the Thread Inventory Colour Chart?

As stitcher’s we all have a stash of threads, lots and lots of threads!  Krisztina at Stitch Palettes has designed a great organizational tool for your DMC floss.  She describes her thread colour chart as a “life-saver” and I would agree.

Have I mentioned before, I love organizing.  I’ve been teased for years that I should have been a professional organizer.  I like having “stuff” in its place, wherever that place may be.  Earlier this year, I shared several posts about how I organize my personal stitching supplies.  Check out these posts.

The thread inventory colour chart is a PDF downloadable chart to keep track of your DMC floss.

What’s inside the chart?

  • Floss is divided into families – six strand, variegated, coloris and five other families
  • A total of 615 colours

Each table in the chart is broken down into five sections – a colour swatch, floss code, floss name, an empty column for storing reference thread and finally the quantity tracker which you update once you add or use up a skein.

It would be a great reference tool to avoid purchasing duplicates.  How many times have you gone to your local needlework shop and purchased a colour of floss only to return home to find you already have that colour!  I know I have.

It also provides quick reference to identify shades of a specific colour, helpful when you are choosing colours for your needlework project.

If you want to read more, check out Stitch Palettes.  If you haven’t yet visited the site, you are in for a treat. Krisztina creates the most beautiful palettes of colours!

I don’t know about you but I think I’ll need to pick one up!

Thanks for designing this Krisztina!

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