When I feature different cross-stitch designs on the blog, new designs are often inspired by an original design. You’d be hard pressed to believe that the pattern you see here takes on different design elements from Garden Stars by Ink Circles.

Dominique completely outdid herself by creating a new design using some of the elements featured in the original pattern. 

This beautiful nature-inspired design features a quail and beautiful earthy mushrooms that often grow during the rainy Autumn season.  Living on the Westcoast, you don’t often see quails foraging around, but I’ve been fortunate enough to spot them in my neighborhood and garden.  Last year one pair had twenty-one beautiful babies!

Dominique also created a stunning cactus flower on the top design – we rarely (if ever) have cactus flowers in this part of the hemisphere, but the use of variations of colours really complement the quail design beside it!

What we drew from the initial Cross-Stitch Inspiration

As mentioned before, this is a great example of how to choose different elements of a design to create something completely different for smaller projects.

Dominique created this nature motif on 32-count linen, with the design being about 3 x 4 inches in size.

The soft blue quail that you see on the bottom was stitched using Colour 175, which is reminiscent of a crisp blue sky on an Autumn day. The mushrooms were stitched with Colour 191 which is a golden wheat.  Colour 14 was used to stitch the blue-green quail and Colour 186 to stitch the cactus flower. Dominique played around with using one or two strands to create depth with the design.

A unique twist to a classic design.

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