A Beautiful Combination of Blended Fall Colours: Introducing Colour #76

Today’s stitch sample video features Colour #76, which consists of blended fall colours. It is the third new colour in my fall collection for 2021.

How these blended fall colours were created

Colour #76 came about a bit by accident. While three out of four of my new colours include orange, I wanted to include one new colour combo without it. So, I opted to use golden yellow to replace the orange and variations of blues.  Naturally when the blues combined with the yellow a lovely green resulted from the blend.

I could see combining colour #76 with colours #75 and #77 from this collection OR perhaps colours #175 (blues), #18 (greens), #28 (blues), #37 (golden yellows). 

As you can see quite a few choices. I will be posting a needlepoint stitch sample on Friday featuring Colour #76 so make sure to check back.

In the video I am stitching on an 18-count mono canvas in a Size 5 Perle cotton.

The stitch is a Hungarian Variation. If you’ve been following my previous blog posts, you might discover that the stitch inspiration was drawn from the Stitches Books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky (Volume 1). I generally reference these books as I find the stitch diagrams are easy to follow.

As always, I hope you enjoy the video.

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