Today’s video features Colour #74 – a beautiful palette of southwestern colours

Colour #74 was the first colour combination I dyed for my fall collection this year.  I’ve been experimenting with various combinations of orange and blue for some time but until now I was not able to come up with a combination that really appealed to me.  My goal was to achieve a vibrant yet somewhat muted blend, reminiscent of autumn leaves but also southwestern colours.  I knew the shade of blue I wanted to use immediately but I tried a lot of different orange variations until I finally found the ones that would work best.  I’m happy with the results and hope you are too.

This colour combination would look excellent in any southwestern themed painted canvas project BUT I think it looks especially beautiful for a fall palette.  The orange variations remind me of the colours seen in autumn leaves on a branch set against a backdrop of a blue sky!  Why not add colour #175 (blues) and perhaps colour #57 (browns) for a beautiful palette.  

The video demonstrates how the colours blend.  I am stitching on 18-count mono canvas in a size 5 Perle cotton. 

The stitch is called an Indian Stripe.  You will find a diagram for this stitch in Volume 1 of the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky. I frequently reference these books as the diagrams are easy to follow.

Throughout the month I will be sharing various samples demonstrating how my fall collection looks stitched up!  Hopefully something will inspire a new project! See colour #74 this Friday!

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