EMBROIDERY, Colour Complements Threads EMBROIDERY today by my friend and customer Kerry.  I have mentioned before that Kerry is a prolific stitcher.  Each year she gives family and friends gifts throughout the year.  Last year she stitched something like 30 or so compacts.  Well, this year she has stitched pill boxes to match the compacts.

Kerry used Mary Corbet’s Favorite Monogram book for her patterns which you can find HERE.  She purchased the pill boxes in various shops on Etsy – search for pill boxes and I think you will find some.  She used 2 strands of Colour Complements Floss for double wrap French knots on unbleached muslin then mounted them in the compact using E6000 glue.

In case you want to know she used Colour #39 for “D” and “J”, Colour #137 for G, Colour #31 for H & S, Colour #23 for K & L, Colour #24 for N

A tremendous job Kerry!

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