embroidery using Colour Complements hand dyed perle cotton

Always a pleasure to show some EMBROIDERY stitched by one of my customers.

Recently I have had an increasing interest in what I would refer to as modern embroidery.  There are a lot of examples of this in both Etsy shops as well as on both Pinterest and Instagram. 

The first sample is a flower pattern designed by Moody Green Embroidery.  Mary Ann stitched this using Colour Complements Colour #44 in a size 5 perle in a 7 inch hoop.  You can see more of Sanita’s designs on her Instagram HERE.

The second sample is a pattern designed by Urban Threads using Colour Complements Colour #10 in 6 strand cotton floss.  This is shown in a 4 inch hoop. 

Thank you Mary Ann.

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