From Dawn to Dusk is designed by Canadian designer Karen Dudzinski of Textured Treasures.  Karen has graciously provided me permission to share some of the “motifs” this week BUT let’s start from the beginning.

I am a member of various FB groups which I attempt to check into weekly, more if I can manage it.  It is always wonderful to see the variety of projects posted – very inspirational!  About a year ago I started to see some posts about Dawn to Dusk.  At the time I was not familiar with the design so after doing a bit of research found it was published by Textured Treasures.  Further research took me to Karen’s facebook page as she does not have a website.  You can find her page HERE

As you know, I like to feature a variety of stitched samples on the blog to give my customers ideas both for colour combinations as well as how the colour may appear in a design.  Since this particular design consists of 12 motifs I felt it would be a good one to demonstrate a few samples.  This week I will be sharing three different motifs.  The overall design measures 11 ¾ x 15 ½ inches on 18 count mono canvas.  Each motif measures “approximately” four inches.  

Today is the first motif.  It is #1-1 in the design – each of the motifs are numbered.  The motif is stitched with some Colour Complements colours which have since been discontinued, namely colour 54 and 162.  Colours 18, 61 and 120 were used and can be found in the shop. 

As is frequently the situation, we tend to have discussions about the different samples in stitch group.  FYI – I love our discussions because I always come away with ideas!  On second thought, this may not always be a good thing as there can be too many ideas and simply not enough time!

Anyway this week I’ll be sharing samples BUT I’ll also be sharing some of our discussions too! 

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s second From Dawn to Dusk. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern message Karen at the link provided above in this post.

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