This bold cross-stitch sample was created using a new colour in last season’s collection. A few blog posts ago, I introduced Colour #84 as part of my new collection of colours for Fall. It was a bold colour, highlighting unique colours that you wouldn’t see in a traditional Fall palette. Nonetheless, I love the way the colours blend together. It may have been part of my Autumn collection, but it can be used all year round!

Today, we’re revisiting the colour and how it can be used in a stitching project.

The idea behind this bold cross-stitch sample

While I didn’t have a specific inspiration in mind for the palette, I feel it highlights some of the colours one might see in maple leaves in our autumn season. As mentioned previously, the versatility of this colour combination shines through. The blend of dark and light colours makes it perfect for any spring or nature-inspired project. You can also use this during the holiday season, too!

The sample is one element from a pattern called “Paradigm Lost” designed by Long Dog Samplers. She used one strand of cotton floss on 40-count white linen. I think this design is gorgeous, stitched in Colour #84. A beautiful regal appearance!

This will be a fantastic colour combination if you participate in cross-stitch SALs this year!

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