What are ORTS? SOLD

The word “orts” is defined as a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal!  In the needlework world, orts are leftover bits of threads once you complete stitching.  I know many of you collect your orts and I am no exception.

You can imagine having a thread business I collect rather a large volume of orts.  I save these bits over time and currently have one bag available.  All the contents are leftover very small bits of my hand-dyes.  There are insufficient lengths for stitching but those interested in fiber art, especially needle felting will find this bag appealing.  A selection of fibers including perle cottons, floss, silk, rayon, braids, ribbons etc.  As you can see, a colourful bunch!    

Cost is $20 US + shipping – a bargain!  I anticipate shipping will be less than $15 to the US, could be a bit less. 

If any of you are interested please email me directly at info@colourcomplements.com.  The first person who contacts me will get them!

AND if you are looking for full skeins visit my SHOP!

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