CRAZY QUILTING, hand dyed silk perleYes, I am managing some time for my crazy quilting but must admit more limited than I would like.  I am pleased to say that I am working on the last of three blocks for this project.  My goal is to have this completed for this winter as I want to start a new project in 2017.

Since I re-introduced my silk perle earlier this week I thought I would show how I use this.  The seam treatment in the upper right used the silk perle.  I started with a feather stitch and added some detached chains which were further embellished with some French knots.  Since the fabric was very plain I added some randomly scattered seed beads.

The seam treatment in the middle is a base of cretan stitch with the addition of three detached chains to create a floral center.  The cretan is silk perle and the detached chains are perle cotton.  I further embellished with a seed bead and a straight stitch at the base.  A fun section to stitch.  Have a great weekend and more on Monday.

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