Here it is, Iris #4.

This is the fourth and final sample of Iris.

If you have been following Iris, you will remember that I chose this design to demonstrate how using ONE design can appear different and/or similar depending on the placement of colours.

Iris is a small design measuring 3 inches on 18 count mono canvas.  It is designed by Diane Grant and available in Needlepoint Now.

Iris #4 is slightly different than the previous three samples I have shown.  This sample includes colours #64, #65, #120 – three of my summer colours and Kreinik Braid #1. 

Dominique started to run out of thread samples I had provided for this one so she has added another two colours from my collection – colours #54 and 55.  I think they work really well.

This completes the four samples so I thought you might like to see them all together.


If you wish to stitch ALL four samples, one skein of size 5 perle cotton will be sufficient in Colours 63, 64, 65 and 120.  Both Kreinik Braid Colour #6 or Colour #1 would work well with the palette. 

I have not provided a kit but if you wish to stitch ALL four samples, one skein of size 5 perle cotton should be sufficient in colours

  • 63, 64, 65, 120
  • Kreinik Braid Colour #1 and/or #6
  • 54, 55 – these are optional and you may substitute threads/colours of your choice

Fun to see all four together wouldn’t you agree!?

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