Do you have an embroidery stitch library?

Several years ago when I was introduced to counted canvas needlework, I soon realized what a vast array of stitches there really were.  Who knew????

I decided very quickly that it would be a great idea to see what these stitches looked like, especially with various colour combinations.  So my journey creating my stitch library began. 

Now for each new colour combination I dye, I stitch a small sample to “see” what the colour looks like “in action”! 

Today I am featuring my spring collection stitch samples. 

Let’s start with Colour #60 shown above.  This is a blend of soft blue/green, pale yellow and pale tan.  I stitched this sample slightly differently than I usually do.  The top third of the sample is size 8 perle cotton and the lower two thirds is size 5 perle cotton.  Really amazing to see the differences in the appearance of the stitch depending on the thread size used!  The stitch is a Jerusalem Cross.


Next up is colour #61.  A great blend of muted yellow and tan.  While this is lovely for a spring palette, it would look fabulous with a fall palette of colours as well. The stitch is called a Charlotte.


Finally, colour #62 is a blend of turquoise blue/grey.  This one changes depending on the light.  It appears more turquoise blue sometimes and other times more blue/grey.  The stitch is Pavillion Boxes. 

I do use a variety of books for reference but my favourites are Ruth Schmuff/Kathy Holicky Stitches books.  There are four volumes – I have three which I use ALL the time.  Thank you Ruth & Kathy!

So, perhaps you should start experimenting and stitch up your own embroidery stitch library!

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