Embroidery thread organization! Ideas!

If you embroiderer you no doubt have a stash of threads!

Something I said I would “never” do in my quilting days was hand embroidery. Oh, how times and interests change. 

I first became interested in crazy quilting about fifteen years ago.  I had recently left my job and was in transition deciding what I wanted to do next.  It is hard not to admire the hand work I had seen online and I knew of Judith Baker Montano.  Fast forward a few months and I decided what better way to see what it was all about than to book a one week workshop with her in La Veta, Colorado.  I was lucky to get into the only class that was not fully booked that year.

On my return, I dabbled a bit but soon realized I would need more variety of threads.  This is actually how I started my business. I had dyed fabrics for quilting previously so thought I should experiment with dyeing some threads.  Around this time Elin Noble taught a workshop on thread dyeing locally which gave me the courage to move forward. Here I am today eight years later – who knew?

Over the years I have seen a variety of storage ideas for threads. My journey began with

Thread hangers.


I talked about these in my previous post about laces, trims and ribbons.

Thread hangers worked very well until my collection grew.  Then I found once again space became an issue for hanging them. Secondly, how do you transport your threads with this method and avoid tangling. I know several women who use this method and it seems to work for them. BUT, I found it challenging to avoid tangling. AND, as I became more experienced with stitching, I realized I didn’t always want cut lengths of threads.

While this proved to be a storage solution for a number of years, I recognized I needed to come up with something different.

What did I come up with? Visit the blog on Monday to see!


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