This is the third section of Block #1 in my new crazy quilting project. 

When I posted previously, I talked about collections of old embroidered tablecloths, runners and handkerchiefs.  I attempted to include at least one of these in each of my blocks and you can see this in the top left corner peeking through.  I tea stained the doily and cut a small corner off to add then stitched further with beads to the scallops. 

It is worth mentioning that I pick up doilies, runners, handkerchiefs from the thrift store.  Many of these can be damaged with holes or heavily stained.  I don’t hesitate with purchasing these as they are generally well priced and I know I can use “part” of the item.  Worth taking a look. 

Although I have shown some of this block in a previous photo, I did want to share the center seam treatment today. 

I have used a left over bit of my flat ribbon which I sell in my embroidery samplers.  This is a really fun fibre to use.  It lays flat similar to Neon Rays but it is a viscose knitted fibre so a bit stretchy.  It absorbs dye well so the colours tend to be quite vibrant.  Anyway, I used a feather stitch for my foundation with the flat ribbon.  I added seed beads to the end then filled in the spaces with small mother of pearl triangular buttons I picked up years ago.  There are seed beads in the center to hold the buttons in place. 

Remember, you can always find crazy quilting inspiration on Pinterest boards.

That’s it for today.  I’ll show you the final block next time so you can see how it all works together.

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