I am SO excited to introduce Screech, the fifth owl in my What a Hoot series! 

If you are visiting for the first time, my What a Hoot series is a collection of SIX owls!  Each owl is introduced in my newsletter at the beginning of each month ending in September.

Why Screech?  When I was researching I found that “screech” owls are a genus of owls hence the name.  Besides, it worked for the season too – bonus!

When Kam and I started discussing the owls, I think the first thing, or almost first thing was I told her I wanted a Halloween themed owl.  AND my owl must have witch boots with striped socks!  What can I say, I like striped socks and besides, I kept thinking about the house falling on the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz with only her boots sticking out!!!  I am amazed at not only the boots but all the different elements Kam managed to squeeze into the design.

What about orange?

Naturally I could have chosen orange BUT instead I have opted for a palette of purple, turquoise and lime green with only a hint of orange.  I simply had to be a bit different.

I have been receiving a lot of positive comments about the series and Kam and I are thrilled you are enjoying our owls.  Screech will be a bit more challenging to stitch so take your time and enjoy the process.  Now, let’s take a closer look at the palette 


As with all the owls, the kit contents include the pattern (PDF), eyes, beak and all custom dyed threads to complete Screech.  AND remember, whatever threads are remaining once you complete her could be used on the backside creating a double-sided owl (mobile ready)! 

I did want to mention that dye lots can vary slightly as many of you know. This is particularly true with hand-dyes. The turquoise floss that I dyed for the stitched sample may be slightly darker in value than what I dyed for the kits AND the lime green silk perle is a little more lime!

  • each owl measures about 4 inches square – they are small!
  • a variety of stitches in each owl
  • an additional skein of thread is included to create the braid for finishing purposes

All FIVE owls are available in the shop.  I hope you are enjoying the series.  We are starting to think about another series for next year – what would you like to see?  Email me at info@colourcomplements.com with your ideas. 

Next month is the last owl.  Can you guess what season we will celebrate?  Until then

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