EMBROIDERY Some EMBROIDERY from one of my fabulous customers today.

I have shown many of Kerry’s gorgeous stitching previously and am pleased to share yet another beauty today. Kerry is a “prolific” stitcher, always creating. This is a beautiful shawl she has stitched as a gift for her mother. The shawl measures approximately 70” x 17” and is made of a from a linen/rayon blend fabric. The colour is called picante and you can find it HERE.

She used 2 strands of floss, Colour #26 for the stitching – a total of 4 ½ skeins (45 meters/49.22 yards). She has used ½” stitches with the persimmon flower sashiko pattern and frayed the edges. The floss is tied in knots at the end of each row as she wanted to use Colour Complements threads as part of the frayed edge. The shawl is reversible. You can find the sashiko tutorial for this pattern HERE.

Interestingly Kerry tells me she used doll needles for the stitching. They are about 5” long so she could fit a lot more stitches on the needle at once time. She feels that using this type of needle caused much less stress on the floss since she was using about 75” or so at the time for the length of the shawl.

As always, thank you Kerry. Your creativity never ceases to delight!

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