Don’t you just love this Smart Phone Case?  It was stitched with my new floche.

I have posted about Kerry’s projects many times over the last several years.  She is a prolific stitcher and always has some project (if not many) on the go.  Well, she recently picked up a new phone and decided to stitch her own case – brilliant!

She chose to stitch on black canvas AND also decided to take progress photos so I could share these with YOU! Fantastic to watch the pattern develop.


As I have discussed previously, stitching on black can be challenging.  It is a strain on the eyes.  Kerry experimented with white paper underneath which definitely helped but it was still a strain.  Unfortunately, many of us are reaching that age when our vision is not what it used to be.  I personally use a magnification light – it is fantastic!

So, the details

I was thrilled with Kerry using my new hand-dyed floche.  Colour #8 is the same colour combination as Colour #44 in my perle cottons and floss.  It is VERY popular.  Kerry used this particular pattern as it was the correct stitch count width for the phone case.

So, that’s it.  What do you think?  Are you going to stitch a new phone case?

Thank you Kerry

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