JEWEL BOX, needlepoint

My fourth JEWEL BOX diamond.  As I posted previously, this is part of Laura Perin’s “Jewel Box” pattern available either through Laura’s site HERE or through your local needlework shop.  The entire pattern measures 10×10 on 18 count canvas.  Each of my diamonds measure approximately 3” in diameter and these make up the center of Laura’s pattern.

I chose Colour #42 in a size 5 perle cotton as my focus colour for this palette.  It is a blend of blues and greens.  I coordinated this with Colour #28 which is blues and accented with a Teal blue Trio and the Avocado green trio.  To accent, I added Kreinik Ribbon #4 and Kreinik Braid #7 and #8. JEWEL BOX, needlepoint

Colour #42 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Colour #28 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Teal Trio Size 5 Perle Cotton

Avocado Trio Size 5 Perle Cotton

Kreinik Braid #7

Kreinik Braid #8

Kreinik Ribbon #15

I will show all four diamonds on Friday for the grand finale!  Stay tuned.  Visit the shop!

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