JEWEL BOX, needlepoint
My second JEWEL BOX diamond. As I posted previously, this is part of Laura Perin’s “Jewel Box” pattern available either through Laura’s site HERE  or through your local needlework shop. The entire pattern measures 10×10 on 18 count canvas. Each of my diamonds measure approximately 3” in diameter and these make up the center of Laura’s pattern.

For this diamond, I chose Colour #40 as my focus colour. I is a lovely blend of orange, blue and green. I added Colour #37 to coordinate which is a blend of golden yellow/orange. I chose some solid colours, part of my Avocado Trio and part of my Golden Yellow Trio, both medium values. As always, I added hints of sparkle using two colours of size 8 Kreinik braid, #3 (yellows) and #8 (blues). JEWEL BOX, needlepoint

Colour #40 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Colour #37 Size 5 Perle Cotton

Avocado Trio Size 5 Perle

Golden Yellow Trio Size 5 Perle

Kreinik Braid Colour #8

Kreinik Braid Colour #3

I can envision this palette for a future project SO you just may see something similar at some point in the future.  The third diamond is coming up on Friday.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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