A beautiful example of NEEDLEPOINT today. 

I have mentioned it previously but I will say it again, I have GREAT customers!  Many are very talented not only with stitching but designing too!  I am always thrilled to find photos sent in emails – simply makes my day!

So, Valerie has created this beauty and it is an original.  She found the design online as a colouring page.  She traced the pattern onto mesh and then “coloured” it using all Colour Complements threads.  It is 18 count canvas and measures 7 inches x 7.25 inches. 

The background is stitched in Colour #162.

I think this is fabulous.  Thank you so much for sharing with my readers Valerie.  Can hardly wait to see what you do next!

You can find a variety of posts on my blog featuring needlepoint samples.

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