My friend Krisztina over at Stitch Palettes has created the most wonderful tool – an embroidery thread palette generator.

What is an embroidery thread palette generator?

It is a colour scheme generator FOR THREADS.

I know many of you struggle with selecting colours to create a palette for stitching. When I started quilting many years ago, I was fortunate to have a local shop (like many out there) that had experienced staff to assist with colour choices. Personally, I always loved the process of selecting both colours and fabrics but admit, it can be challenging to find “just the right fabric”. It took time and lots of experimenting to choose exactly what worked AND what I wanted. I now follow the same process with colour selection for my embroidery projects.

How does the palette generator work?

You enter the thread number you want to start with and click ‘generate’. Talk about easy! It provides a few thread combinations you can use to achieve a cohesive colour palette. Brilliant!

I have no doubt this will be a great tool for all of you. AND, if you are looking for colour palettes, make sure you spend time on the Stitch Palettes website.

You will find the palette generator HERE.

And you may like to add your choices from the generator with some of my variegated threads in the SHOP

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