Today we are featuring an embroidered temari ball highlighting a design that is a bit more “masculine” – meaning less pinks and reds and more neutral shades of blue, mauve and brown. Merry Go Round is the perfect name for this temari, given the circular design that makes up the overall pattern.

What do you think?

While modern times see Temari Balls as perfect home ornaments, it can also be cleverly made as gifts for people of all ages. I personally think that this would make a wonderful gift for a little boy, perhaps a grandbaby – something handcrafted by the heart and definitely not your average gift! 

Historically, this was what they were created for. They were valued and cherished gifts often designed in brilliant colours wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life.

Details of this Embroidered Temari Ball

Verna started wrapping this ball with a deep royal blue thread. This base provides a beautiful background for Colour #57 – variations of brown. This was contrasted with Colour #60 which is a spring blend of blues, yellows and tans and Colour #62 which is grey blue. 

We often gravitate to brighter or bolder colour palettes as shown on previous blog posts. But sometimes, it’s worthwhile to highlight how beautiful these creations can look even with a subtler colour scheme. What about giving this a try in your next needlework project!?   

Merry Go Round is designed by Barbara Seuss. Visit her website to see more beautiful Temari. Thank you to Verna for providing such wonderful designs and patterns featured in these Temari Balls.  I appreciate your creativity!  

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