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Today I am writing about colour and in specific, COLOUR INSPIRATION.

It will come as no surprise to any of you by now that I love working with colour.  Much of my inspiration comes from nature but I admit I am a big fan of Pinterest and Instagram as well.  The photo above is courtesy of Pixaby which is another great source of imagery that I found only recently. 

I particularly liked this image because it represents a variety of different palettes if you divided the photo in quarters.  A nice blend of green, yellow and aqua/blue in the top left quadrant. 

You can find more colour inspiration on my blog in previous posts HERE.

I am currently working on dyeing my fall collection and I can envision using some of the colours in the lower left working well in a fall palette. So, I am off to the dye studio for some experimenting today.  What are you up to?

A quick note that I have just recently started posting to Instagram in case you might like to follow what I am up to.

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