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We’ve been talking about straight stitches in our seam treatment series, and today, we’re going to show you how to utilize this stitching with silk ribbon.

If you are a crazy quilter you will be familiar with the term foundation stitches. These are the stitches we use as the base to create all our seam treatments. I have been featuring one of my favourite foundation seam treatments each month. Last month I talked about straight stitches and I wanted to give you another example of seam treatments created with straight stitches. Stitching with ribbon using the same technique illustrates just how versatile this technique is!

Threads do make a difference!

I always like to switch the size and type of threads in each of the seam treatments I stitch. For example, if I had stitched one seam treatment using size 8 Perle cotton I might like to stitch another with a flat ribbon such as the one shown above. I’ll explain further.

Straight Stitches Using Silk Ribbon

I started with tracing V’s centred on the seam allowing me space for embellishing above and below the actual seam. The V’s were stitched with Kreinik 1/16” metallic ribbon. Since I had already used a metallic, I wanted a thread with a very little sheen so opted for solid colour silk for the pistil stitches. You could also use a size 8 Perle for these. At the top, I added cheater roses using silk ribbon and at the bottom rosebuds again using silk ribbon.

Silk ribbon is very popular in crazy quilting and provides all sorts of opportunities for embellishing. I’ll be sharing much more about silk ribbons in future blog posts in the series.

Mary at NeedleNThread provides an excellent pistil stitch tutorial if you are new to this stitch. Personally, I find it quite versatile and enjoy using it in various seams.

I have various mixed silk ribbon bags available for purchase in the shop ON SALE. Ideal for your needlework projects or perhaps as gifts.

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