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While I generally share cross stitch or needlepoint samples, I thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit today and share some crochet – fall-inspired colour crochet, to be exact!

Mom taught me to crochet when I was about seven or eight years old. It was the first form of needlework I learned. Remember those granny squares? Well, I stitched a lot of them in a vast array of colours. Interestingly, I see them returning once again often stitched in gorgeous colour combinations.

While I have little time for crochet these days, I do plan to resume it again in the future. Perhaps an afghan???

The inspiration behind this Fall colour crochet

After I completed some of the fall samples, I had a variety of leftover bits of each of the colours so thought I would show a few very small crochet samples. Small flowers are ideal to add to your wool applique or crazy quilting projects.

You will find a number of patterns complimentary online for crocheted flowers. They don’t use much thread and are fast and fun to stitch. While the samples shown above are not finished, they will give you an idea of what the threads and colours look like when crocheted. I used a size 5 Perle cotton for all of these samples.

I have shown a simple chain stitch using Colour #165 and a small circle of single crochet. The circle could be added to either your wool applique or crazy quilting project with additional embellishing. The third circle is the beginning of a flower using both single and double crochet.

I hope all will give you an idea of how the Perle cotton appears when crocheting. While it would be expensive to use for larger projects, Perle cotton is ideal for small flowers.

This post was a bit different from our usual needlepoint blogs, but it’s a friendly reminder to have fun and experiment!

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