I’ve been featuring lots of bold, daring and colourful Temari ball patterns lately. This Margaret Ludlow-inspired Temari ball named Intertwined uses softer shades, but still looks as stunning as the others that I’ve featured in previous posts!

When I first looked at what Verna created, I was enthralled by the beautiful overlapping patterns. Because of this, I’ve decided to entitle this creation “Intertwined”. I encourage you to look closely at the stitching pattern – I guarantee you’ll probably be as mesmerized!

Here are the Colour Details of this Margaret Ludlow-Inspired Temari Ball

As mentioned earlier, the colours that I chose for this particular Temari ball design was a bit softer than other palettes.  I wanted to create something soothing for the eyes.

For this pattern, I paired Colour #63 (which has since been discontinued) with Colour #186Colour #71 could be substituted for #63 as they have similar colours.  These colours provide a contrast of light and dark shades which give the pattern more depth.

Because the overall pattern was quite soft, Verna added some beads to play with the textures of the entire design.  You can see a few of them framing the outer edge of the Temari ball if you look closely!

Verna chose a beautiful shade of violet to compliment the teals and soft greens of the threads. The colour combination reminds me so much of an herbal garden of lavender and sage! I feel as though I can even smell the scents through the colours.

If you want to find out more about Temari check out this website. Well done, Verna! You’ve done it again.

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