Today’s video features Colour #189 – a Halloween-inspired Perle Cotton Thread.

Several years ago when I was working on a fall collection of colours I knew I wanted to dye a colour combination featuring some Halloween colours.  I didn’t want to use a more traditional palette of orange, purple and green SO I played a bit and came up with Colour #189.  It is a blend of purple, yellow and turquoise/aqua with hints of green where the yellow and turquoise blended.

It looks great when combined with Colour #183 (purples) and equally beautiful when combined with turquoise or aqua solids. BUT absolutely fantastic with lime green! I’ve included various stitched samples in the product listing so make sure you scroll through.

In the video, I am stitching on 18-count mono canvas in a size 5 Perle cotton. 

The stitch is a Trellis Stitch.  You will find a diagram for this stitch in Volume 1 on page 272 of the Stitches books by Ruth Schmuff and Kathy Holicky.

I frequently reference these books as the diagrams are easy to follow.  

I hope the video inspires you to give Colour #189, our Halloween Perle Cotton a try!  Experiment with some of my suggestions above and I think you will be very pleased with the results.  As always, have fun and enjoy stitching.

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