Crazy Quilting with Colour Complements embroidery threads

Today, I am sharing the first section in my new crazy quilting project.

When I posted previously, I talked about collections of old embroidered tablecloths, runners and handkerchiefs.  I attempted to include at least one of these in each of my blocks.  It didn’t always work out but I did try.  In the same post, I discussed fabric selections, colours and trims. 

Once all my blocks are complete, I randomly choose one to start and frame it up. 

Let’s get started!

I like to layer my seam treatments so I will describe how I do this below.

The seam treatment on the left began with a layer of hand-dyed lace.  This was one of those “bits” in my stash that worked well with the colour scheme in the block.  I generally use a thin strip of fusible and iron either my trims or laces in place PRIOR to my block being framed up. 

Once the lace was in place I added pearl seed beads accenting portions of the floral pattern of the lace.  My foundation stitch was a chevron stitch completed in a size 8 perle cotton. This was accented with cheater ribbon roses using 4mm silk ribbon in green.  I added a seed bead in the middle of each of these. 

The seam treatment on the right

began with a foundation of feather stitch using an overdyed rayon.  I added bullion stitches in a size 12 perle cotton with Colour Complements Colour #182.  I opted to use the perle cotton as it has a mat finish versus a glossy thread.  This was to offset the background silks as they all have a sheen.  In retrospect, while I like the look, I think I may try a slightly more lustrous thread next time as I think it might look better.  What do you think?

Once both of these seam treatments were completed, I felt the tiny seam in the middle needed a little something so added very basic straight stitches in a wheel patter using size 8 perle cotton. 

I also opted to add a floral applique which I dyed drawing from the colours surrounding it.

You can visit my Pinterest boards for more crazy quilting ideas.

So, that’s it for today.  Stay tuned for another section of this block in my next post. 

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