I have titled today’s post Frank’s Rose.  Why?

Are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright?

I am not going to provide a detailed history here but briefly Frank Lloyd Wright was considered the “father of American architecture”.  He believed in designing structures that he called organic architecture – in harmony with humanity and the environment.  He often designed interior elements for his buildings including furniture and stained glass.

The heart today is a pattern from Heartland House Designs. The company has been designing and marketing counted cross stitch and needlepoint designs that are adapted from museum collections and architectural masterpieces for over 30 years.  About half of their designs are based on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and they are the exclusive source for needlework adaptations of Mr. Wright’s designs.

This heart design is called “Rosebud Glass Panel”.  It reminds me of a stained glass window.  You can see the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright.   

When Dominique showed me this heart I was really surprised because it was so different than anything I had seen previously.  She had found the pattern – it was very old and sadly she had no source. 

So, I did a bit of research and found a Heartland House Design website but sadly I received a pop up notice it was not secure.  Then, I managed to find a Facebook page.  It has not been updated for many years but you might like to check it out. 

Update – Melita managed to find the pattern. It is actually called the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rosebud. The glass panel was used in the Glasgow School of Art and is considered Mackintosh’s masterpiece.

Thank you Dominique for this beautiful heart.  One of my favourites to date…

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