Buttons – storage solutions! 

Today I am discussing buttons, specifically storage solutions! What storage solutions do you use for your buttons?  Remember Mom or grandma’s button jar or button box? 

I remember through the years seeing lots of different storage ideas for buttons.  Like many of my ideas, my button storage has evolved from trial and error.

At one point, I picked up some jars from Ikea and sorted buttons into colours.  The problem was that as my collection grew, so did the number and size of jars.  Then where to put all those jars!

In my last studio I took over the downstairs rec room which was glorious as I had SPACE, a fireplace and a view!  Yes, I was spoiled! 

There was a window seat in the room so I had some drawers built that were 1.5- 2.5 inches in depth.  They had dividers and full extension slides and they were GREAT.  I had one complete drawer for all my BUTTONS.  Problem was that the new studio space was smaller and of course there was no window seat.

Solution – my husband built a smaller cabinet.  This was great for the move but unfortunately did not work in the new space.

So, for the first year I had a large button jar. 

What did I find?

I needed to see my buttons.  This meant I had to empty the jar on a flat surface so I could sort through them.  Then I had to clean them all up again.

Remember, how I mentioned it drives me crazy wasting time looking for stuff!  I would rather be stitching. 

I remembered at this point I had some plastic scrapbook bins.  These are used for 12×12 scrapbook paper storage so are not particularly deep. I emptied all my buttons into the bin and it works great.  I can see all of them AND I can sort through them making it faster to find what I want. 

I also like this solution because it is inexpensive AND they can be stacked taking up less space.  Great for small space solutions.  A huge bonus is they have snap lids which keeps your buttons not only contained but free of dust.

Did I mention, buttons are not dust or dirt free.

So, this is my current button storage solution. All the bags on top are “special” buttons and a few other odds and ends too. These can be easily removed so I can sort through my stash. Now, I only have on bin for ALL my buttons!

How do you store your buttons?

Next up – beads!

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